Pure Environmental

Fort Kent Facility

In the Heart of the Cold Lake Oilsands Region

This world-class waste management facility, with multiple off-loading stations, a trucker-friendly layout, and disposal caverns, provides environmentally friendly, safe disposal options.

The facility can accept a wide range of oilfield and non-oilfield waste materials.

Operating under AER Approval No. WM 212C, the Fort Kent facility can accept AER regulated solid and liquid oilfield waste, imported non-hazardous recyclable waste, and Alberta generated non-oilfield waste including process water, wash fluids and hydrovac slurries.

Location Map


Strategic Location

Pure Environmental has just completed the construction of a state-of-the-art waste facility located straight west of Cold Lake, Alberta, in the heart of some of the biggest oil sands operations in the province.

The facility is accessed year-round off paved highway, just southwest of the intersection of highways 892 and 55, in northeastern Alberta.

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