Pure Environmental

Corporate Responsibility

Investing in Our Communities

Pure Environmental believes in maintaining an active role in the communities in which we operate and work. We have a strong commitment to building and sustaining communities, protecting the environment, maintaining operational excellence, providing direct and indirect economic benefits, and generating high quality training and employment opportunities.

Our goal is to actively contribute to our communities in positive and enriching ways

Aside from becoming a major tax contributor to municipalities where we establish facilities, our community engagement philosophy means that as an organization and as individuals we want to become part of the fabric of the communities we live in including being engaged in service and volunteer opportunities. We don't just want to be a good neighbor; our goal is to actively contribute to our communities in positive and enriching ways, so we collectively prosper socially and economically while protecting the environment.

Environmental Protection

Pure Environmental's world-class facilities are engineered, constructed and operated to lead the industry in environmental stewardship and efficiency.  We are driving innovation in materials management, processing and separation and are poised to set the standard in the industry for the safe management of energy sector bi-products.  Our facilities are engineered to meet or exceed all regulatory requirements and conform to the most stringent environmental performance and monitoring standards in the industry.

Our facilities feature innovative processes specifically designed to reduce the environmental footprint of our clients and to efficiently and effectively manage materials received to ensure safe and compliant operation. 

Health & Safety

The cornerstone of our operations is excellence in health, safety and environment (HSE) to ensure the safety and well being of our people, our clients and our neighbours. Pure Environmental has a comprehensive HSE program including strict training and development guidelines for our people.

cor sealPure has obtained the Energy Safety Canada Certificate of Recognition (COR) by developing and implementing a health and safety program that meets provincial standards for Alberta, B.C., and Saskatchewan.

Pure is a registered and approved vendor with the following contractor compliance management programs:

  • ComplyWorks
  • ISNetworld
  • Avetta